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Hello! I am a Front-End Web Designer in the NW burbs of the Chicago area. My friends call me Thom, and strangers call me Thom (I am curious to know how they know my name) so everyone here, please call me Thom (pronouns he/him)! My name is Thom Smiech. I enjoy being Web and Graphic Designer and am very passionate and dedicated to my crafts. My never-ending journey for knowledge and becoming part of something bigger has led me to discover graphic and web design and its possibilities while enjoying music and furthering my foodie experiences!

  • My early journey looking out at the world

    Web Designer

    My Journey in Digital Space

    I love exploring the expanding universe of Web Design. I enjoy creating sketches, wireframes, and prototypes, designing and debugging websites.

  • The return of knowledge by returning back to school.

    Graphic Designer

    Return to the Drawing Board

    I enjoy creating clean, modern designs while enhancing their readability, branding, and visual hierarchies.

  • Graduation to Full Career as a web designer with a national company

    Expanding Horizons

    Looking Forward

    I envision joining a diverse and inclusive company that thrives upon the uniqueness of its team as a UI Web Designer anywhere in the world.

  • Continual Expansion of Knowledge with team members, collaboration with many other designers.


    Continual Learning

    Exploring the newfound teams, friends, and associates at work will expand my neverending thirst for knowledge, learning, understanding, and bettering myself and those around me.

  • Be part of my story!


Some current projects just completed at Southern New Hampshire University.

Thom Smiech Portfolio

Thom Smiech Portfolio

Web Design, Graphic Design

Java Been website

Web Design, Graphic Design

Foody Cookin' EPUB

Foody Cookin' EPUB

Graphic Design, Publishing

Pasta Amore website

Pasta Amore website

Web Design, Graphic Design

Pasta Amore Collateral

Pasta Amore Collateral

Graphic Design, Marketing

LVTAT HF Prototype

Web Design, Graphic Design

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